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RMC forms a chain of activities using management structures and techniques.  We facilitate our clients to manage their projects, meeting their objectives and requirements within the deadline, cost and with the quality established to succeed in their business and to meet the needs of their users of the projects and the other identified stakeholders. 

The sustainable success of our clients is always our goal.

Project Management

Project construction management requires an understanding of the design and construction process and a specific set of objectives and constraints, such as a frame of time needed for completion and relevant technology.   

The RMC project control system, including

  • Communication
  • Planning – Programming, Technical
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Handover

Comprehensive QS Service

Pre-Contract Service

Preparation and Design stage

  • Establishing of preliminary budget;
  • Preparing elemental cost estimate;
  • Cost-effective analysis of design decision;
  • Cost studies and comparisons;
  • Life cycle cost analysis;

Pre-Construction Stage

  • Advice on selection of contract procurement;
  • Preparing tender documentation and obtainment of competitive tenders;
  • Tender analysis and assessment;
  • Monitoring construction works cost, time and quality;

Post-Contract Service

Construction Stage

  • Valuing work in progress;
  • Preparing financial statement;
  • Measuring and assessing variations;

Commercial Management

Contract Review

Initial review of the awarded contract of its contractual obligations and rights

  • Client’s Duties
  • Client’s Power
  • Contractor’s Obligation
  • Contractor’s Rights

Project Controls Systems


  • Programme / Progress Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Target Cost Management
  • Change Management
  • Notice / Early Warning Management
  • Documents Management

Claim Management & Dispute Management

Claim Management

Are you looking to make a construction claim?  Do you need help with an existing one? Have you had one filed against you?

Whether you need help making, managing, or rebutting a construction claim, you need a strategy for the best chance of success.  Our team at RMC can formulate such a strategy.

Our appraisals are always honest, however.  We weigh all the factors, examine the evidence, and calculate the chances of success, so you’ll know whether or not there is a way forward ahead of time.

Dispute Management

Stalemate?  If progress has yet to be made in your negotiations due to an ongoing dispute, proceedings could end up in court, and there’s every possibility that a decision will be made that satisfies no one.

What you need is a professional consultant who can bridge the gap and find a way forward.  It’s what we specialise in at RMC’s Services,

Enquire today.

Our team at RMC are experts in dispute avoidance and can help you find a way forward.  Our focus is always on listening to your problems and finding a path.  We’ll take on board your concerns and overall objectives and aspirations, evaluate contractual entitlements and, from there, work to deliver the right resolution.

Forensic Expert Witness

When it comes to disputes, you want proceedings to be as long as they need to be.  That can mean sacrifices, both in money and time. 

You need a resolution that needs to be fast, and that’s where our expert witness service at RMC can help.

We offer a complete dispute consultancy service that has distinguished itself in multiple cases across multiple sectors, and we have people with unquestioned expertise.

We provide unrivalled assistance when needed.  We’ve been helping to resolve disputes for several years, with our team having nearly thirty decades of hands-on experience between them.


Contract Awareness Training (8 Modules in total)

BIM Measurement Training (4 Modules in total)

P6 Programming Training (19 Modules in total)

Design & Build Service

RMC’s Design & Build service is provided in order to complete and compliment our Design Services and more importantly to provide our Clients with a ONE STOP SHOP to ensure that our Client’s Valued project is realised with EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN, GREAT BUILD QUALITY, all WITHIN SPECIFIC TIME FRAME and BUDGET.

Design, Planning &
Authorised Person Services

RMC strives to provide excellence, functionality and quality in their designs which are realised within expected time frames and budgets.

Design Services

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Product Design

Planning Services

  • Master Planning Design
  • Section 5, Planning Application
  • Section 16, Planning Application

Authorised Person Services

  • Licencing Application
  • Building (Planning) Application
  • Building (Administration) Application
  • Site Supervision
  • Minor Works / UBW Works Applications
  • Building Inspection

Other Services

  • Valuation for Insurance Coverage or DMV Valuation
  • Due Diligence and Construction Cost Auditing
  • Property Valuation (Construction Cost) for Land (Compulsory Sales for Redevelopment) Ordinance Cap545
  • UBW Inspection

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