Staff Care and Training Programme

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Staff is our most valuable asset.  RMC believes our staff's performance is closely related to their continuous training, emotional balance, physical training and the harmony of their family.  RMC are committed to train and develop our staff and have implemented continuous training programs on Saturday mornings in rotate. We believe continuous training programmes can enhance our staff's knowledge, skills, and capabilities and equip our team in achieving our goals.


  1. Our Director Mr Chan has started a series of staff concerning activities since July of 2006.
  2. Monthly Activity Day was commenced since July of 2006 – Playing badminton or other activity on every first Saturday of the month
  3. The first staff concerning activity, named "SHEMA" (Assembly of Jewish, means 'Hearing') was commenced since December of 2006. The activities provide a chance to the management level to understand our staff's concerning and difficulties, both works and life.  "SHEMA" had renamed "Operation Review and Staff Care" since 2012.
  4. Work-Life Balance – As a result of "SHEMA", the Management implemented the "Five Day Work, Once a Month" programme, which was commenced since September of 2007.  This activity's purpose does not just provide a half-day off once a month, but also encourage staff to spend this morning staying with their elderly, assisting his/her spouse, and parenting with kids in a long weekend.
  5. "Continuous Training" was commenced since February of 2007.  The continuous training covers both "technical" and "non-technical" training.
  6. "Tidy-up" is not just an activity but also the compliance of ISO requirements.  For each quarter, there will be an extra Saturday.  We carry out all data backup, filing and workplace cleaning altogether.  This activity cultivates both systematic document controls and also is a good Team building exercise.  This programme has commenced since September of 2007.