Construction Management

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The sophisticated construction process today requires construction projects to be managed by professionals with expertise in construction.

RMC can act as a Construction Manager to provide technical advice on the construction works and highlight the technical and contractual implications to the Contractor / Sub-Contractor.  Our services in Construction Management can be summarized as below:

  • General Coordination

    - Coordination with all members of a construction team;
    - Coordination with Development’s representative and consultants team;
    - Liaising with relevant Government Bureau and authorities, and monitor statutory submission and approval process;

  • Construction Monitoring

    - Coordinating and scrutinize construction drawings and their revisions for construction, documentation and contractual entitlements pre-requisite;
    - Monitoring construction works quality;
    - Advice on subletting documentations and their execution;
    - Preparation of programme for approval and subsequent progress control and monitoring;
    - Highlighting causes and effects for possible delays;
    - Advising / proposing possible solutions and mitigation measures to minimize possible loss;

  • Contract and Cost Management

    - Coordinate tendering / subletting programme and monitor progress;
    - Construction Contract Administration
    - Coordinate in-house material requisition;
    - Coordinate material, plant, machinery and equipment suppliers.