Commercial & Contractual Management

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In any highly competitive environment, where profit margins are under pressure and contractual requirements are harsh, the ability to sustain a smooth cashflow, to administer cost control and secure cost recovery becomes critical.

RMC has pioneered a commerical and contractual know-how that provides clearer insights into the cost dynamics and contractual pre-requisite of a project. The key is through a set of devised techniques to identify activities and events, which involve cost and require defence actions. We will let you understand the nature of your costs and contractual position in order to assist you to develop an alarm system to maintain cashflow, to administer control costs and safeguard contractual entitlements and company's interests.

  • Whereas, in Long Term,

    To establish effective cashflow system;
    To recognize conditions and obligations of every single project;
    To trigger appropriate actions at the right time and at the right direction;
    To visualize VO opportunities.
    Our strength also extends to settlement of disputes (For details, see Legal Liaison and Dispute Resolution).

  • We can help, in Short Term

    To advise on contractual problems;
    To collect long outstanding monies;
    To prepare Extension of Time (EOT) and Management Change submission;
    To detect and advise on possible contractual entitlements;
    To carry out general contractual administration; and
    To file documentation of your entitlements.